On August 22, AquaSPICE’s partners Solvay, ARETUSA and University of Marche joined to test the pilot plant in Ancona, in Italy. The WAPERUSE plant is expected to treat and reuse industrial wastewater.

The goal of the Case Study 2 is to treat the wastewater coming from the hydrogen peroxide production department inside the Solvay facility in order to reuse it. In particular, the pilot plant will be integrating:

  • chemical pre-treatment for pH control,
  • filtration in an Iron Oxide-Coated Gravel/Sand Fixed Bed Column or Iron oxide (geothide) filled bed to remove H2O2 and metals,
  • high-loaded biological denitrification in a membrane bioreactor.

The effluent from the pilot plant will be tested for impact and tertiary treatment within processes operated in ARETUSA reclamation plant to increase the water to be re-used in Solvay industrial site.