Project Structure

Work Package 1

Leader: KWR

Will formulate the scientific, institutional/regulatory, industrial and commercial background for the development of AquaSPICE technological innovations.

Work Package 2

Leader: RWTH

Will specify and configure the best & most feasible practices and treatment technologies for each particular CS.

Work Package 3

Leader: EUT

Will design and implement a Real-Time Monitoring Platform (RTM) for water efficiency and quality assurance in process industries.

Work Package 4

Leader: TUC

Will develop the ‘Cyber’ part of WaterCPS, aiming at the holistic virtualization of water-related processes of the entire physical system.

Work Package 5

Leader: MAG

Will develop the WaterCPS Platform, integrating its “Cyber” (virtual, digital twin) part, developed by WP4 to the Physical system, as well as the Real-time Monitoring Platform.

Work Package 6

Leader: ICCS

Will evaluate the AquaSPICE offerings against the scenarios and requirements set by the case studies.

Work Package 7

Leader: STRANE

Will ensure the uptake of the AquaSPICE offerings and support the replication and upscaling of the demonstrated solutions.

Work Package 8


Will guarantee the visibility and engagement of stakeholders applying a multichannel communication approach, and will support the exploitation strategy.

Work Package 9

Leader: RWTH

Will pursue the coordination and management of the project.