On June 8th, Water Europe is co-organising the Water Projects Europe 2023 event, to be held a s a side event during the Water Innovation and Circularity Conference, coming up in Athens from June 7-9, 2023. You can check the full event agenda here.

Under the theme ‘Circular Water Solutions for a Water-Smart Society: Exploring Water-Oriented Living Labs Innovations’, the session will explore the concepts of a Water-Smart Society and Water-Oriented Living Labs, fostering innovative water management practices aligned with sustainability and circularity.

WPE clusters water-related projects to facilitate interaction, policy development, and market uptake of innovations. It emphasizes Water-Oriented Living Labs as experimental spaces for testing and implementing cutting-edge water solutions. WPE will host discussions involving projects such as HYDROUSAnextGENULTIMATE WaterAccelWater, CARDIMED, and AquaSPICE, encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange among stakeholders..

AquaSPICE project will be presented by George Arabatzis, during the 1st session titled The projects’ experience: knowledge exchange and capacity development’.

The event will be held in a hybrid format and it will be live streamed over Water Europe’s social media channels. To attend the event in-person, you can register at this link.