WP1: Water Efficiency Enhancement Applications Framework and Baseline Assessment.

WP1 will formulate the scientific, institutional/regulatory, industrial and commercial background for the development of AquaSPICE technological innovations, with an aim to satisfy the requirements of Process Industry actors/stakeholders and technology providers.

Leader: KWR
WP4: Digital Twin with Smart Analytics and Cognitive Services for Water Efficiency.

WP4 will develop the ‘Cyber’ part of WaterCPS, aiming at the holistic virtualization of all water-related processes of the entire physical system, which includes the factory’s production elements and its water and other resources’ reuse loops, the product value chains and any existing or potential external water reuse loops (symbiotic, CE).

Leader: TUC
WP7: Solution Uptake, Replication, Up-Scaling and Exploitation.

Overall WP7 objective is to ensure the uptake of the AquaSPICE offerings and support the replication and upscaling of the demonstrated solutions.

Leader: STRANE