WP2: Industrial Water Saving, Recovery, Treatment and Re-use Technologies & Practices.

WP2 will specify and configure the best & most feasible practices and treatment technologies for each particular CS; deploy technological & operational settings in the case studies on the basis of pilot installations; determine the optimal design and operational procedures, protocols, requirements & constraints for technology application; and develop an Evidence Database with real practices on industrial water recycling and reuse.

Leader: RWTH
WP5: Water Cyber Physical System: The Industrial Water Efficiency Management System.

WP5 will develop the WaterCPS Platform, integrating its “Cyber” (virtual, digital twin) part, developed by WP4 to the Physical system, i.e. the factory’s production system enhanced with the application of water saving/recycling/ reuse practices and technologies, as well as the Real-time Monitoring Platform, which is both an (new, added) element of the physical system and a “glue” between it and the cyber part, enabling their communication.

Leader: MAG
WP8: Communication, Dissemination, Training and Social Awareness.

This WP, in coordination with WP7, will guarantee visibility and engagement of stakeholders applying a multichannel communication approach, and will support the exploitation strategy.

Leader: WE