on the 17th and 18th of April 2024, AquaSPICE project has successfully concluded its innovative online training course focused on the circular economy in the water sector. This educational initiative, targeting professionals from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, saw the participation of over 65 individuals eager to explore sustainable water management practices.

The course offered a dynamic curriculum, emphasizing the recovery and utilization of resources from wastewater. It fostered an environment for potential collaborations among various stakeholders, including academia, technology firms, civil society, and policymakers. These partnerships aim to enhance water preservation for future generations under the guidance of the QHelix framework.

Expert insights were provided by Johann Poinapen of the Dutch KWR Water Research Institute, enriching the first day with his profound knowledge and experience. The sessions continued with presentations by notable experts such as George Arampatzis on the Transition to Digital Water, Thanos Angelis-Dimakis on Enabling Industrial Symbiosis Platforms, and Lluis Echeverria Rovira on the use of Artificial Intelligence for autonomous wastewater treatment plants.

The course also highlighted case studies from sister projects like nextGen Water Solutions and ULTIMATE Water EU, illustrating practical applications of the concepts discussed. This initiative was organized by SC AGRICOLA INTERNATIONAL SA BACAU and the Business Development Group Romania as part of their activities in the AquaSPICE project.

Feedback from the participants highlighted the relevance and urgency of integrating digital tools and innovative strategies in water management to ensure sustainability and efficiency. The sessions concluded on a high note, with commitments to continue exploring these crucial topics.

As a follow-up, the AquaSPICE project plans to release various materials and resources to further support the participants and the broader community in implementing the learned concepts in real-world scenarios.

The successful completion of this course marks a significant milestone in the AquaSPICE project’s commitment to fostering a circular economy within the water sector, promising a more collaborative and sustainable future.