On March 27th, the AquaSPICE Case Study 1 of DOW Boehlen, was spotlighted at the Water Market Europe 2024 event, held in Brussels. Gergana Chapanova from DOW delivered a compelling overview of the project alongside an in-depth look at its activities. The presentation not only focused on the project’s scope but also highlighted the case study activity focused on freshwater reduction.

The project was presented during the side event on ‘Water Sector Facilitating Industrial Symbiosis for future development: Education Training Skills needs’ where several projects showcased case studies and lessons learned in the water sector, skills needed and challenges from their experience.

Dow Chemical Company, known for its specialty chemicals, advanced materials, and plastics, faces a critical challenge: managing water scarcity. With the Boehlen site located in a water-scarce region south of Leipzig and the I-Parc Dow Terneuzen grappling with severe water stress due to its coastal positioning and limited fresh water availability, the urgency for sustainable water resource management is clear.

Both locations are pioneering efforts to significantly reduce their freshwater intake intensity. These efforts are pivotal in Dow’s journey towards sustainable development, showcasing a blueprint for responsible water use in water-stressed regions.