The AquaSPICE project, an ambitious initiative aimed at advancing water management and sustainability practices, marked a significant milestone with its second European Commission (EC) review meeting on March 12th and 13th. Held in the vibrant city of Istanbul, the meeting brought together the project’s partners to present the progress of their activities, and their upcoming steps. It wasn’t easy to summarize all the hard work put into the project, but all partners did their best and were well-received.

A key moment of the gathering was the visit to the Tupras pilot plant located at the refinery site in Izmit. This visit provided partners with a unique opportunity to witness the practical application of the AquaSPICE’s concepts and methodologies in a real-world setting.

As the project enters its critical final year, the team left Istanbul invigorated and more determined than ever to continue their work and deliver results. The AquaSPICE project stands as a beacon of innovation and cooperation in the field of water management, promising to deliver solutions that are both sustainable and transformative for the sector.